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Now It’s pretty much clear that Fellowes needs to ruin other characters in order to make people like Robert (after he destroyed him with his own hands)… It’s not that I don’t like him, well not much lately, but now you have the shining hero who saves his silly wife from… a creep.

Really Fellowes?

It wasn’t meant to be like this

That last scene should have been Cora and Bricker’s delicate farewell, there was no need to get Robert in the way, of course Cora would have turned him down in the end, but tenderly, with a sort of “what if…” as she watched him leave. And Bricker would have understood immediately and let her go after kissing her forehead.

But then it would have been far to difficult for Robert to win his wife’s love again, instead now SHE IS THE ONE FEELING GUILTY! That’s ridiculous!

And the thing that drove me crazy is that Fellowes is very capable of writing such things without being pathetic, I’m referring to Robert and Jane’s scene in series two, which was very emotional, the problem is that he thought Cora wasn’t worthy of it.

I agree with whatsabriard and ilovealovestory. I think most of it came down to the fact that this was a drama (AND a soap opera at that) and it’s far more dramatic having Robert pummel Bricker in his bedroom then have Cora and Bricker bid farewell rather sweetly.

That being said, I think that the entire purpose all along was for Bricker to be a creep.  He wasn’t a friend, he was someone who noticed a marriage on the rocks and he took advantage.  He intentionally waited until he thought Robert was out of the house when he walked into Cora’s room. That is a man with NO honor.  And frankly, he deserved to be pummeled. Having Cora and Bricker part ways in any other manner wouldn’t have made sense to me.

I also don’t think that Robert needs to win his wife’s love back, because I don’t think he ever lost it.  Rather, “What we have here….is a failure to communicate.”  They’re not talking, they’re totally out of sync, and ALL of this happened because neither of them are being honest and direct. But it doesn’t mean that they don’t love each other and don’t want to make it work.

I think the way Cora reacted is normal.  She probably would feel guilty even if Robert wasn’t acting that way (I mean…I would. Maybe I’m just speaking for myself?) But I also think it’s normal for Robert to be acting the way he is too.  I’m fully of the belief that he’s feeling guilty too, but it’s because he’s realized he fucked up. I never believed for a second that he knew he was hurting Cora or intentionally doing it.  So he’s dealing with that, along with the fact that he has NO idea if she was going to accept Bricker and I think part of him thinks that she was going to sleep with him.  (His guilty feelings about Jane perhaps led him to assume so.)

I think it’s all very complicated, and exacerbated by the fact that they STILL aren’t communicating. I don’t think it’s a pathetic storyline, just dramatized to the point of absurdity (but that’s DA) when we were all hoping for something more subtle. 

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I am still really confused about why people are complaining about Carson/Hughes’s storyline this season. Or Baxley or Isobel or Violet for that matter.

If we want to talk about a season stalling out in any way, let’s talk about season 4. And even THEN, C/H made great leaps and bounds as did Baxley.  If anything, these are the 2 storylines that are going places, that I’m hopeful for, and that haven’t been messed up yet [like… Edith or Anna/Bates those are storylines not going well].

Carson/Hughes’s relationship has changed immensely this season and we are seeing them interact differently with one another, we are seeing how they strive to make the other happy and be agreeable, and we are seeing them move closer and closer to some sort of relationship. And Baxley? Molesely has given her the courage to come forward about her past and they’ve gotten closer because of it.  And there is more of them to come based on the promo photos we’ve seen.

These are not storylines that are going to “happen quickly” or “get thrown in our faces.”  They’re intentionally subtle and I think that’s what makes them beautiful.  This is an ensemble cast, which means every episode can’t see leaps and bounds for every character that we love.  Isobel and Merton are going to take more than 1 episode to break it off or tie the knot.

I just wish everyone would chill and wait until the season is over before passing judgment on it. So far, good things have been happening [yes there are still problems with it I’m not denying that] but there are good things happening that we haven’t seen since like s2.  Who knows, maybe by the time the CS has ended everything we want to happen will have happened.

  1. Rick: so abraham what's your favorite color
  2. Abraham: waSHINGTON DC